"My images originate with words, idioms, proverbs."

"There is a constant dialogue between sign and representation inside any of these paintings. The former stems from the belief that writing and painting are one, the latter with temptation to render depth and volume on a flat surface.It is like using two dialects of the same language"

"...not definitive images but processes, shots taken while the action iis still taken place. Shapes continually dissolve and coagulate....I am interested in decay. I grew up in the middle of it, and I am surrounded by it every day, apparent or potential: our day by day pervasive technological erosion."

"Every day is different, and so are the slices of paintings I work on every day. When the painting is finished, all the fragments add up to a tally of days."

"Paintings make us look at the image beyond the canvas through an imaginary window. Lately, I am increasingly aware of the fact that any painted image is a painted ARTIFACT with a three-dimensional presence, which can be augmented and played upon blurring the confines of painting, furniture, archeological display or sculpture."

Pharmacy Museum Basel / 2012

viorel popescu

Viorel Popescu is a Romanian-born American artist who lives and works in New York City since1981, after completing Fine Art studies ( MFA ) in his native country.

He is an independent visual artist who divides his time between show-related artwork as a freelancer, and his personal visual explorations in a variety of media.

Photo © Mariuca Brancoveanu 2012

viorel popescu